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About My Photography

A camera in my garden- that’s how it all started out. I found my love for sunshine, simplicity, and peaceful moments captured through my camera lens. This excitement quickly turned towards photographing individuals, as well as nature. There is really nothing that I enjoy doing more than meeting new people, and sharing their stories and personalities through pictures.


“I loved how Emilie was pretty much up for anything. She made everything super comfortable, and she was SO fun to work with yet professional at the same time- a great mix if you ask me. The photos turned out so gorgeous and it was a great experience! Everyone I showed the pictures to were amazed at how talented Emilie is for being so young.” New attached image

“My favorite part of working with Emilie was definitely the experience itself. She did a wonderful job in making me feel beautiful not only when I saw the pictures, but during the shoot as well. You can tell that her ultimate desire is to capture the client in their beauty and personality- to bring out the best of them through pictures. I also like how she also doesn’t make individuals look fake, or unlike themselves, with her editing.” New attached image

“The best part of working with Emilie would have to be the fun environment. Photoshoots can be a bit intimidating since you never really know what to do or how to hold yourself. Emilie just tells you to “be yourself and smile” while giving you helpful pointers along the way. She showed great maturity when conducting the photoshoot. I had fun but also fell as if she had been doing this for 20 years.” New attached image